Laine Lawson Craft – Madison Mississippi

December 19, 2017

“Dr. Lance Dillon was an answered prayer for me. I had several bad experiences with dentists growing up and I was literally petrified to go to another dentist.

When I first came into Dr. Dillon’s office the feeling of a warm and caring environment was immediate. The entire staff was so compassionate and very professional. Literally, my life long friend commented the other day and said your teeth have never looked more prettier. I would tell anyone to go see Dr. Dillon because the kind of care for each unique patient they offer is a treasure. My whole family has enjoyed going to him as well as getting remarkable smiles with beautiful teeth from him too!

With me being in front of camera a lot with my job my teeth were always a burden. I had very bad experiences growing up with dentists and on top of that I just had bad teeth! The day I met Dr. Dillon and his staff, their compassion and priority of making their patients comfortable was very evident immediately. Dr. Dillon helped me get my teeth beautiful and whiter than I could ever dream. My fear of the dentist has completely vanished and now my smile is always ready for camera.”

Laine Lawson Craft is founder of WHOAwomen, publisher of WHOAwomen Livin’ Lively with Laine nationally circulated magazine, host of the television talk show, the WHOA Show, author, and speaker.